Piaget Possession Diamond, 18K White Gold & Satin Bracelet Watch

With continuous self-transcendence, outstanding ability, especially good at research and development of rare, precious and unique works. Since its inception in 1874, has always been committed to improving the details of creative modification and integration of watches and jewelry technology, etc., reflect the style of high-end brands.

Earl was originally designed to watch the movement of the watch and manufacturing, and later further this superb skills to promote the jewelry process, so be able to launch in the 1960s the first jewelry watch. Today, for everyone to introduce this watch Replica Piaget Watches Possession Diamond, 18K White Gold & Satin Bracelet Watch is the Earl Possession series of a jewelry watch.

This Possession series of jewelry watch, with 29 mm diameter design, elegant appearance, 18K white gold case to create, the case inlaid 37 round diamonds, weighing about 0.7 karats, and the watch on the dial inlaid with 164 Round diamonds, weighing about 0.7 karats. Watch case for the unique rotation of the dual-ring design, continue to inherit the Earl’s love get along. Turning freely like a pair of lovers embracing between the loosely comfortable, and will not loose to the double ring apart, will not let each other suffocate, giving love moderate free space.

Replica Watch 18K white gold watch to create, watch the internal carrying a precise quartz movement, to ensure that the watch can have 6.2 mm ultra-thin thickness, worn on the wrist is also thin and convenient. Diamonds in the platinum ring on the dancing, dome diamonds on the surface blooming bright light. Watch with convertible strap, so you can according to different occasions and mood, for the watch put on a different style. Full of women’s charm of the jewelry watch, table as its name, deeply touched the wearer’s heart.

Replica Watches

Replica Watches with a brown black satin strap, this watch design can be free to change the strap, and comes with a second strap for replacement. There are many colorful leather straps available for replacement. Although this is only a small trick of the designer, but the design is often seen in the creative chapter, the count did not know how many cohesive ideas and craftsmanship in order to complete this long-planned “surface” effort.

Replica Piaget Watches with 18K white gold table at the end of the design, watch the internal carrying a precise quartz movement, as the Earl 157P quartz movement. To ensure that the watch 2 to 3 years of walking, do not worry about lack of power affect the watch precision. Watch in addition to the case and the dial on the mosaic of the full drill, there is a special design that is rotatable dual-ring design, diamonds woven crown around the surface of free rotation.

Perhaps to see more of the same design, it is difficult to imagine when the case is rotated to a different position, the watch will happen how to change? And the count of this Limelight watch amazing design allows the wearer to adjust their appearance. Rotary oval table mirror, round dial, can present three different styles of decoration, greatly satisfying the women who are ready to “control” desire.

Low-key calm Possession men’s wedding ring, both a wide version of the size of the design and delicate details. Possession wedding clear and pure lines, a symbol of the infinite continuation of passion, like a magic so that two people will never be separated.

Possession Women’s wedding ring mosaic sparkling diamonds, sparkling like a quiet promise to never change love forever. Perfect elegant design, Possession wedding ring elegant and charming figure, more determined the eternal support of the sacred marriage.

Possession wedding eternal classic design witnessed the joy of new wedding, and elegant and meticulous attitude to accompany the wedding beauty, through every moment in life memorable time. Possession wedding is fascinating, shining and moving, you can rotate the circle in the circle design, every day with the wedding dress with the weaving life cherished.

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