Dior Dior VIII Grand Bal Limited-Edition Diamond & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Snowy Replica Dior Watches VIII white watch to create a white romantic winter atmosphere, which Grand Bal watch inspired by the brand’s precious high-level uniforms inspired by Christian Dior with the wedding of the favorite. Dial on the swing of the pendulum, such as custom dress skirt, in the gorgeous rotation out of the white winter romantic dance.

There is a “time”, elegant and seductive. As Mr. Christine Dior said: “The creator has given the unique character of the works of art.” Behind the Dior VIII series of watches is the tradition of high fashion and charm Be interested in.

Replica Dior Watches VIII Grand Bal Limited-Edition Diamond & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, to the great designer Mr. Dior tribute, “luxury principle is simple above all else.” Christian Dior said. Like the “Bar” package (“Bar suit”) designed in 1947, the Lady Dior handbag introduced in 1995 and the Dior “I” perfume in 1999, the new Dior VIII watch is also classic and advanced fashion and charm Work hard, adhering to the Dior’s long tradition, to show the design of geometric graphics, full of feminine beauty of the eternal charm.

Replica Dior Watches

Ultra-thin case and its delicate accessories simple and clean. The bracelet is made of pyramid-shaped high-precision ceramic, elegant and noble. Time flow, light exposure in the cut surface, light shine, like Replica Dior Watch Lady Dior handbag “cannage” pattern of the grid line, like to show the design of the beautiful. The pyramid shape of the faint people see the “Bar” suit (“Bar suit”) the shadow. “Bar” suit as Dior’s iconic design, that Mr. Dior as early as 1947 in the first series of works to show the love of the lines of love.

Today, Dior launched Dior VIII watch series, designed to pay tribute to Mr. Dior this great designer. Dior VIII watch name from the eight letters, which is the founder of Dior’s lucky numbers: Dior design studio was founded in October 8, 1946; his first high-level custom clothing series named “en huit” ( The French figure “8”); Dior fashion headquarters in the eighth district of Paris in the world-famous Montaigne Avenue; and Dior senior watch and jewelry boutique flagship store is also located in Paris Fontaine Plaza on the 8th. More importantly, in this modeling classic, very feminine charm watch dial, especially the use of the “VIII” this Roman figure to highlight the 8 o’clock this lucky moment.

This watch not only shows the time, more than the contemporary fashion trend, as the high-level custom design of the indoor wardrobe. Mr. Dior often reminds us that “high-level uniforms are always at the forefront of the times.” This watch’s elegant and seductive black highlights its immortal value through high-precision ceramics. Mr. Cristina Dior wrote in his fashion dictionary published in 1954: “I can write a book about black. You can wear black clothes at any age, any occasion and time.” Everyone must have a ‘black dress’.

Replica Dior Watches

Nevertheless, Mr. Dior’s design is full of evening dress and dance dress, and pieces called luxury glamorous. In fact, he added: “Black and white are enough, but there is no reason to deny the use of other colors.” Therefore, from the date of the birth of Dior VIII, Replica Dior Watch VIII watch series are used diamonds and precious stones decorated The Will watch the production process and advanced jewelry production process into one, which makes people think of Dior senior uniforms studio hard work of women’s tailors. They use superb skills and cautious attitude pleated, embroidered, cut the fabric. Therefore, Dior VIII series watch dialed in the middle of a bunch of diamonds, like a satin stitch. Some of the bezel gemstones, some with white diamonds embedded in the pyramid-shaped high-precision ceramics between, in addition to all the rectangular diamonds, yellow crystal, Schafer to stone or pink sapphire mosaic.

From a technical point of view, Dior VIII series of watches is a noble and exquisite jewelry treasures. The series in the Swiss watch industry hometown La Chaux-de-Fonds Dior watches and clocks studio to create, equipped with multi-section luminous pointer, decorative diamond-shaped pointer and one-way rotating bezel. The back of the dial is engraved with “VIII place Vendme” (Fontaine Plaza 8). Through the transparent table can see the automatic winding (refining) movement, vaguely visible decorated with black paint or paint pendulum Tuo. As the high-level uniforms will be elegant and elegant style into the lining, Dior VIII “Grand Bal” series of details of the pursuit also reached the pinnacle of the point. The series of each limited edition 88, a total of four models, and equipped with “Caliber Dior inversé” automatic winding (refining) movement. Like the waltz dance, the swing of the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace or a pleated skirt with diamonds, and a combination of Swiss cutting-edge technology and Paris’s rich and creative.

Equipped with exclusive patent DIORInvers movement, the skirt with the dance step to lift the concept of specific presentation in the watch design, the excitement of a functional automatic disk inverted in front of the dial of the great ideas with the wearer gestures and gorgeous dance Like the rotation of the dial on the swing of the Tuo people reminiscent of a fine custom dress skirt, innovative technology and its creative concept of the Swiss watchmaking technology and the perfect combination of creative ideas in Paris.

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